Founded in 2013 in Los Angeles/Shanghai, Studio ATAH is an architectural design firm featured by exploring design with contemporary thoughts. The partners of Studio ATAH received complete architecture professional education domestic and abroad, and have been in practice for years in known international architectural firms. Team includes architects, interior designers and technology specialist. ATAH's project type includes commercial, office, culture, as well as renovation, interior and residential. Through continuous design practice, our work is being built and put into use.

In Navajo Indian language, A-Tah means involving. We focus on the pattern that mass production, technology renovation and global trend are reflecting to design, and also on the interaction between architectural design and other fields; We believe that contextual research is as a tool that can inspire to design solutions, and also believe that by discovering 'problems', design can be more involved with everyday's life; We are interested in express design ideas from the essence, thus to express our attitudes via design.

Guang Xu

Founder,Chief Architect

Guang Xu, born in Nanjing. He received a Master of Architec

ture at University of Southern California and a Bachelor of

Architecture at the Southeast university. Guang kept his archi

tectural practice from both LA and Shanghai, including

Michael Maltzan Architectur and Aedes as project manager.

He founded the Studio ATAH with Lilas Wang in 2013.

Lilas Wang

Founder,Chief Architect

Lilas Wang, born in Beijing. Holding Master of Architecture

Degree from both UCLA and UIUC. In the US, Lilas kept archi

tectural practice from many known offices, including Fr-EE

Architecture , Michael Maltzan Architecture and RTKL Interna


She founded the Studio ATAH with Guang Xu in 2013.

ATAH believes that Zeitgeist is the Muse for designers

Contemporary architects should create new experience for space through more simultaneous and interactive manners, and architecture completion and use condition are still the only standard to measure the design quality. Hence, we focus on the whole process of planning, designing, construction, and use feedback to keep progressing. We believe that architectural process is not deliberate pursuit of luxury and superior difficulty, but the selection on the most appropriate material and architectural techniques to reflect client aspirations, explore space potentials, and present design intent.


Studio ATAH

Building 3-103,

175#,Xiangyang Nan Road,

Xuhui District,

Shanghai, 200031